Site and panoramas are the work of Greg Spencer.

I developed PanoPortal.com as a way to better organize my growing collection of panoramic photos. Panorama photography has been a hobby of mine since the early 1990's and has grown since the purchase of my first digital camera in 2001, which included panorama stitching software.

By 2004 my collection of photos had grown to the point where I had many panoramas from mountains summits where I could see from one summit to another summit where I had previously taken a panoramic photo. I wanted a way to link the panoramas from one summit to another and also be able to easily search my panoramas. It would be several more years before I sat down to develop what I had in mind.

All of the photos on this site were taken by me with point-and-shoot digital cameras without the use of a tripod. I am only a panorama enthusiast and by no means am I a professional panorama photographer. Not all of the panoramas on this site are of the highest quality, but only of places that I have been. You will find that nearly all of my panoramas are of mountains, deserts, and other scenic natural places.

 Greg Spencer
 North Lake Tahoe

Site Stats

PanoPortal v2.0
PanoPortal v2.0 - 2013

Panoramas: 630

360° views: 345
360° summit views: 252
Partial views: 285

Unique locations: 568
Unique titles: 446
Unique dates: 324

Panoramas with labels: 450
Panoramas w/bearings:293
Panoramas with SummitPost entries: 203
Panoramas with PeakBagger entries: 189

Max. PanoPorts: Jacks Peak (30)
Max. PanoPort distance: Tohakum Peak to King Lear Peak (84.9 miles)

Site updated: September 13, 2017


PanoPortal v1.0
PanoPortal v1.0 - 2009

I began developing the site in March of 2009, with only the most basic HTML knowledge. After teaching myself some PHP, mySQL, and a little Java-script, I was able to build the site with more or less what I had in mind. PanoPortal.com went live on May 15, 2009. At that time I had a collection of 265 panoramas on the site.

Although I had over a decade of developing engineering software, the code running this site was a bit sloppy since this was my first attempt at developing a web app and I was working with a new to me, programming language. Over the years I've wanted to make some upgrade to the code, but this proved somewhat time consuming. After several years of improving my web coding skills, I rewrote all of the code using a modern MVC framework. Not only is the back end code more robust, I also gave PanoPortal more contemporary look. During the upgrade, I also added new features that I wanted to implement from the beginning, but simply did not have the knowledge or skill to program them at the time.

New features and panoramas will be added as time allows. Also, I am adding notes and directional coordinates along with fixing the few 360° panoramas that do not have seamless stitching.

PanoPortal 2.0 went live on October 11, 2013 with 432 panoramas.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please send email to feedback@panoportal.com. All comments are welcome.